PRESSKIT – Overkill VR – Lead the resistance, fight The Faction

Overkill VR is a VR shooter based on cover-system mechanics, with tons of different customizable guns and more than thirty levels, fulls of deadly fun. The resistance is waiting for you, lead the revolution!


  • Publisher: Game Troopers, Based in Lleida, Spain

  • Developer: Starloop Studios, Based in Lleida, Spain.
  • Release Date: HTC VIVE –  11/16/16
  • Platforms: Steam VR, HTC Viveport, Oculus Rift
  • Website:
  • Price: USD 19.99
  • Availability: Digital Download on Steam.
  • File Size: ~630MB, Download size: ~220MB
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  • Company Info:
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  • Facebook:


On Overkill VR you play as a leader of the resistance, a group of rebels that fight the system, ruled by The Faction. In your fight, you must defeat a big number of enemies, who force you to use all your weaponry.
It won’t be easy to make one simply step, so, it will be better to you check your guns progressively and achieve the latest upgrades for your weapons. There are many upgrades that you will need on your mission, so be sure that you can make your better score on each stage. Power ups, multiple kills, wombo-combos, headshots, add points to your score, so try to make the best gameplay!
Besides, you have to protect you with the environment, trying to defeat enemies before they hit you. Move around the playing area and its different covers, to get a good angle to flank your foes.
You always have multiples ways to complete a zone, try all the possibilities and select the one that fits better to you.



  • 100% VR Shooter game
  • Crouch & Stand combat
  • Realistic aiming system
  • Cover system gameplay
  • Weild 1&2 Handed guns
  • First person shooting for VR with accurate aiming system
  • Unparalleled gun customization with upgrades and attachments
  • Change your strategy as the scenario evolves


Hotfix v2.02
Released a new hotfix to solve the weapons loss on the previous patch


Hotfix 2.01
Hotfix solving the armor bug that has been reported on the forums


Overkill VR Update 2.0

*Support items: different support items added which help the player to progress in his quest. Some examples of these support items are: air strikes, rocket launchers, fragmentation grenades, flashbang grenades, healing packs…
*2 new locations are added to the game, Quarry and Factory, which contain 3 and 6 levels respectively.
*We have made changes to the game, in order to make Oculus Touch fully compatible with Overkill VR. Going forward, all the future content will be supported by both platforms.
*Manual reloading added: based on the community’s feedback, weapons are now reloaded more realistically by inserting magazines with your left hand into each weapon’s magazine slot.
*New Weapons: A few weapons added to the previous existing set:



Mixed reality hotfix
Released a hotfix that turns that Mixed reality support was not turning on when a 3rd controller and the externalcamera.cfg file were detected.


Version 1.04
Fixes and improvements:

*Mixed reality videos are now possible by adding an external camera config file close to the game exe’s file. Feel free to make cool videos!
*Oculus touch is now officially supported. Warmap can be scrolled with the right analog correctly now.
*Increased difficulty for some East Slums levels. You will be flanked more frequently, so be careful!
*Increased fire rate for MK23 pistol a bit.
*Fixed MK23’s reflex not working
*Fixed a weird case where you could get stuck after a loading screen
*Fixed a bug where main menu was not being shown after going back from a mission.
*Improved first cover on East Slums 5, as it was a bit too high


Version 1.03
We have just updated the Overkill VR to version 1.03 with following changes:

* Bug fixes for tutorial. Some of you have reported issues with 2-handed control and with the armor menu tutorial.
* Adjusted difficulty for East Slums 1 & 2. They were too casual, they will now require you to use cover a bit more.
* Increased cover height for East Slums 3. This will allow you to play more comfortably.
* Minor improvements on weapon shading. Glow on iron sights is more noticeable. Helps aiming without scope upgrades.


Game Troopers is a publisher and developer dedicated to Virtual Reality games. Our team offers a deep knowledge of the platform and the whole ecosystem, and will help your games to make the most of themselves. We have a strong development studio that supports our games, Starloop Studios, and the synergy created between both brands raise our games to an efficient and successful launch.
The company was originally focused on publishing games on the Windows Store but the focus has pivoted to the Virtual Reality during 2016.