New patch 3.05 with more bug fixes – Overkill VR – Lead the resistance, fight The Faction

New patch 3.05 with more bug fixes



Hey soldiers!

Fancy a new patch? I bet you would like it, so here it comes. As usual, we attach a list with the fixes and new features.

Let’s have a look:

New features:

  • Now the bottles on tutorial stage have arrows.

Fixed bugs:

  • Menu’s UI fixed
  • Disable enemy bars not appearing ig there’s anything between you or them
  • Enemies’ life bars fixed
  • Support armory properly stored when leaving the level while using it
  • Errors fixed when trying to reload the MG
  • Errors fixed when the enemies fail their shots

Thanks again for your constant feedback and support and sharing your love for the game in the community forums and on the reviews!

– GT Team –