New patch available! (v3.04) – Overkill VR – Lead the resistance, fight The Faction

New patch available! (v3.04)




How are you doing guys? our developers have decided that’s time to launch a new update in order to raise the Overkill VR experience. Our advice: download it now!

Ok let’s have a look at the new Improvements:

  • General performance has been improved (more FPS).
  • Launching game process using Oculus in Steam VR, revised and fixed.
  • New achievements fixed.
  • Grenade’s supply system improved.
  • Snipers included in the endless level.
  • Enemy sniper AI improved.
  • Better controller adaptation to UI.
  • Texts on Oculus loading screen have been resized.
  • Oculus splash screen has been fixed.
  • All the UI navigation functions have been revised.

Thanks again for your constant feedback and support and sharing your love for the game in the community forums and on the reviews!

– GT Team –