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New patch available! (v3.02)





It’s been a hectic weekend here at the office: launching the game, attending the community feedback and collecting information about a few issues and much more.

Today we are back with a small patch that will make the life easier to several people but our Oculus players in particular.

This is the change log for the new update:

  • Fix for Oculus users: A bug was preventing to run the game without enabling Windows 7 compatibility mode
  • Tutorial: Texts were not visible during the 1st warmap tutorial
  • Reloading function has been improved
  • Reload on SPAS12 has been fixed
  • Dominant hand can be changed on runtime
  • Set a max of bullet cases sfx playback
  • Enemy flashbangs explosion sfx is not playing when they explode
  • Grayscale is not activating when getting low on health
  • Grayscale is not activating when dying
  • Cannot see white effect from flashbangs
  • Trains 2: bullets stay on invisible cover colliders
  • Slums 6, cover 2: pause UI is behing buildings
  • Cannot complete flashbangs achievement

Thanks again for your constant feedback and support and sharing your love for the game in the community forums and on the reviews!

– GT Team –