New patch 2.05 with more bug fixes – Overkill VR – Lead the resistance, fight The Faction

New patch 2.05 with more bug fixes


Hello soldiers!

We are still working to improve Overkill VR performance, so here you have a little list of bug fixes that we fix along this week. We continue our mission to have a polish game at the end of early access, so please, continue giving us your feedback to show us the right way we have to aim.

There is the fixed bug list:

  • Removed Mysterious sphere in Lom Cell 3
  • Modified mission text on Factory
  • Fixed Game Over UI in Train levels
  • Modified code to add collider when reload and not when spawn. We do this to improve performance
  • Weapon scale position and rotation is now set when the weapon is loaded, instead of doing it every frame
  • Fixed G36C Barrel and Muzzel issue
  • Fixed transparent triggers and position for all weapons
  • LomCell3 first cover drone spawn position modificated. Now it is close
  • Moved MK23 shell spawn point
  • Decreased sight size
  • Now Better accuracy VO sounds every 5 sec and not all the time
  • Health-bars are 50% thinner.
  • Enemy health bar only displayed after is damaged for first time.
  • Ring collider adjustment.
  • Fixed ring animation direction and force.
  • Added ring on vrGrenade
  • VR Grenade enabling kinematic on spawn.
  • Fixed collider in SlumCell 5
  • Fixed issue related to transparent weapon after reload and put it into a cover. The problem appeared due to a kinematic rigidbody in the magazine
  • Transparent magazines are colored when placed on the weapon.
  • Is not necessary waiting to shoot after changing covers or starting a level.