New patch 2.04 fixing some bugs – Overkill VR – Lead the resistance, fight The Faction

New patch 2.04 fixing some bugs



After a few weeks listening to your thoughts on the Steam Community discussions we are trying to fix the bugs you are reporting along this Christmas weeks. There isn’t all, we still have hard work to do, but we tried to fix the most required fixes.

There is the fixed bug list:

  • Fixed desert eagle body displacement
  • Fixed 2-hand control not working after playing MG levels
  • Fixed some users getting the game to play on slow motion
  • Fixed some missions on Factory area that couldn’t be completed
  • Fixed Quarry 3 navigation mesh for enemies on latest cover
  • Fixed some edge cases where weapon was being reloaded inside cover
  • Fixed some camouflages not applying to P90’s iron sights
  • Fixed some bullet trails getting through covers
  • Fixed bug where you could buy weapon upgrades before the weapon upgrades tutorial. The tutorial would remove bought upgrades from you.
  • Fixed music stop playing if there’s too many bullet impact sfx being played under heavy enemy fire
  • Fixed that enemies now aim at the player instead of aiming at the MG during MG levels
  • Fixed MP5 trigger position
  • Fixed loading images not matching loaded levels
  • Fixed ammo computations and UI representation on infinite ammo weapons
  • Improved timing for sniper’s voice over on Slums 6
  • Game code cleanup and refactors
  • Tweaked some of v2 new weapon materials

We’ll continue working on the game, fixing minor bugs, and adding new features to the game, in our way to having the early access finished and the game completed.

Enjoy the game and fight The Faction!