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How to sight in an ACOG

Do you ever has used something in a wrong way, and suddenly, you see someone using it in a proper way? Is a frustrating situation, undesirable for anybody, that left you with a feeling of: “Wth was I doing until now?”

To avoid this situation on Overkill VR, let us analyze deeply you some things about our sights.
We love to use ACOG sight. It’s our main sight in the office, and we love it by its versatility. Is a sight that you can use in multiples scenarios: short range & long range.

As you can see on the next gif, you should look through the two different positions of the sight:



In the previous picture, the player uses the superior sight to defeat short-range foes, and look through the below sight when he wants to increase the zoom.
That can be a crucial advantage, you can gain some extra seconds instead of changing your weapon to adapt your gear for every threat.

Now, you know how to use properly an ACOG sight, now you have to improve your aiming!