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Sights in Overkill VR

Hi everyone!

In this post, we will talk about holographic sights and how the game implements them.

The conventional way of aiming a weapon is through its iron sights. The trajectory between the front sight and the back sight is parallel to the cannon’s.

To properly aim through iron sights, law-enforcement and military units are trained so the body position of the shooter is correct and the target, the line of sight and the front and back sights are correctly aligned. Any movement while aiming will affect the alignment between these, drastically decreasing the shooter’s accuracy.

Reflex sights (also called holographic sights or reflective sights), have the objective of reducing the complexity of aligning with the weapon while aiming, greatly improving the shooter’s accuracy, especially while they are moving.




To do so, the reflex sights use a lens to reflect a reticle (a crosshair, circle, dot…) into the shooter’s retina, which shows the trajectory of the cannon at a given distance. This means that aligning the front and the back of the weapon is no longer necessary to aim properly, and, if you can see the reticle, you are aiming properly.

Contrary to iron sights, reflex sights can be used with both eyes open.

Reflex sights are normally mounted higher than iron sights in weapons, which means that it is not necessary to align the reflex with the iron sights in any way, since they both have different parallel trajectories to the cannon’s.


In Overkill VR, red dot and reflex sights show this trajectory by drawing the reticle in the game world at approximately 25m, however, it is only visible through the sight lens. We don’t use optics to fake the reticle in midair like the real ones do, instead, we just put it there!


Let us know in the comments or discussion forums how holographic sights feel in Overkill VR.

Happy shooting!